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library@chinatown officially opened on 31 Jan 2013. With a total floor area of 1,000 square metres, it is the first themed library on Chinese arts and culture. It is also the first library in Singapore to experiment with a visitor self-service model run by volunteers. It carries a thematic collection of titles on calligraphy, literature, music, painting, traditions, customs and more. There is also a small selection of materials in commonly spoken Chinese dialects such as Hokkien, Teochew and Cantonese. Visitors can also read local and foreign electronic newspapers on large screens via electronic reading devices. 

Unique Features

Chinese Arts and Culture-Themed Library 
As NLB's first themed library on Chinese arts and culture, library@chinatown offers a curated collection that caters to both arts and cultural enthusiasts and the general public, who are keen in learning more about Chinese arts and culture. The collection is complemented with reading and engagement programmes. The target audience of our programmes are students, teachers, seniors and families.
Public Programmes 
The library works with various communities and interest groups to develop a variety of programmes and/or to co-organise exhibitions in the library. These programmes align with the theme of the library to cultivate greater understanding of Chinese culture, and develop an appreciation for our multi-cultural society, amongst Singaporeans. Some examples of the programmes include workshops and talks on Couplet Writing, 'Lantern Riddles', the Evolution of Chinese Characters, Chinese Painting, Weiqi, Opera Performance, and History of Local Straits Chinese.
Volunteer-Run Library 
library@chinatown is also NLB's first volunteer-run library, where there is no customer service counter. Volunteers move around the library wearing a special library@chinatown volunteer T-shirt for easy identification. The volunteers' duties focus on the clearance of books from the bookdrop and shelving them back. Library visitors can use the Cybrarian Kiosk to speak to a library staff at a remote site for their enquiries. Members of the public who are interested to volunteer at library@chinatown can sign up here.


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